A Mitch Rapp Fan Since 2004 - Reviews The Survivor


I don’t read very many books nowadays, but Mitch Rapp has been the exception ever since the first time I cracked open Transfer of Power sometime around 2005. He’s been my absolute favorite character ever and I loved Vince’s writing.

Nothing against you, but I didn’t have high hopes for “the guy who took over for Vince”. However I can say that The Survivor grabbed me the way those first few Mitch Rapp books did. It was an excellent follow up to The Last Man. I just wanted to let you know that this Mitch Rapp fan thinks you’ve done an outstanding job keeping the series going and I am looking forward to your next Mitch Rapp book. 

- Charlie

PS - Please don't let Hollywood screw it up.

A Fan Thanks Kyle For Continuing The Mitch Rapp Saga

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for continuing Vince Flynn's novels about Mitch Rapp!  I have been reading all of his books in order and then I found out that he had passed.  I was so sorry to hear that and was upset that his story line would end so abruptly.  There is so much more evolving for Rapp and you did a wonderful job of continuing his flowing style that I had become so used to.  I am looking forward to more Mitch Rapp and Kyle Mills in the future.  

- Faith, a 61 year old female!!

A 20-Year Navy Veteran Shares His Thoughts On The Survivor

It is beyond bittersweet, as I just finished The Survivor.  I have voraciously read every book in the series. I would impatiently wait for months until the next edition was released. Like millions of others I'm sure, I was devastated at Vince's passing, but was THRILLED to learn that the family decided to release this final work. 

I'm sure you've heard it said many times already, but I'll say it anyway, I thought the book was pure Mitch Rapp cover to cover. You stepped into an impossibly difficult position and did a superb job. As a true fan and 20 year Navy patriot who loved this line of books like few others, I hope you are given the opportunity to keep Mitch alive as a testimony to Vince's brilliance. Thanks again to you, and if at all possible please extend my heartfelt condolences and deep gratitude to the Flynn family for their generosity. 

With utmost respect, 
SCPO Ed Aldrich, USN (ret)

A Vince Flynn Fan Looking Forward To The Next Mitch Rapp Saga

I've been a Mitch fan for a few years now....when Vince Flynn passed a great writer was lost, I was excited when I heard a writer had taken on the task of finishing the next book. 

Kyle did a great job of writing Survivor. I finished it in a week, I could tell a difference in writing styles but Vince would be proud to see his series continue, I looking forward to the next....

Mike M.

After Reading The Survivor An Ambassador Proclaims Mitch Rapp Is Alive!

Having been chosen an Ambassador, I couldn't wait to receive my advance copy of The Survivor. 

Circumstances beyond my control didn't allow me to start the book straight away. I can tell you now that when I was able to begin, I didn't stop. 

Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp are alive in The Survivor. Kyle Mills didhis friend proud.  

Thank you to Vince's family for allowing this book to be finished. Couldn't be more proud to have had the opportunity to receive and be part of this dedication to a great writer! 

Rest easy Vince, it is done!

"Mitch Rapp's Girlfriend" Provides A Review Of The Survivor

Dear All,

Wow! Thank you again for the advanced copy of The Survivor!  I have been reading Vince's works since the beginning and am an avid Rapp fan.  Kyle, you had some big boots to fill, but this book did not disappoint!  I do not know how much of this book Vince wrote.  There's a fan page on Facebook that claims Vince only wrote the first chapter.  I tried to figure it out as I read and my guess would be around Chapter 26 is where Vince left off. The writing shifted slightly there, but nothing significant. Can you answer that- where did Kyle pick up?

I consider myself to be one of the biggest Vince and Rapp fans around, and I am beyond pleased with this book.  I'll admit, I was nervous to even give Kyle a shot at this and almost didn't read it for fear that somehow he would destroy a piece of Vince's legacy or characters as he attempted to finish this.  Kyle, it was amazing and you should be so proud! I am not disappointed in any way and look forward to reading more!

All in all, I am completely blown away by how you guys pulled all of this off.  Fans around the world were heartbroken with Vince's passing.  This has been a wonderful tribute to him and keeps him alive through the characters he created for his family and friends.  Sending out galley
copies to so many was like kisses from heaven, I swear.  It touched me deeply. I really think Vince would be so proud of all of you and pleased with how this is going.  Keep up the good work and as always, let me know
if I can help!

With much gratitude,

PS: My own husband calls me Mitch Rapp's girlfriend.  How bad is that?! He knows I'll disappear for days into the books and that no other book will satisfy me like a Mitch Rapp thriller!  Kyle, "Miranda" would be an awesome name for Mitch's new girlfriend... it seems you are looking to end his loneliness!  Just saying, Miranda and Mitch sound great together!

An Ambassador Provides A Review Of The Survivor

Thank you for selecting me as an ambassador and sending a galley.  This was received on 17 June, but I elected to start reading The Survivor on 19 June, the anniversary of Vince's passing.  


This one word describes the juxtaposition of two authors corroborating on one novel.  I don't know how much Vince completed while writing The Survivor before his tragic passing, but Kyle Mills certainly wove his style into Vince's so that it's impossible to say who wrote what.

The opening grabbed my attention and it never wavered.  Conflicts abound, with strong character development as we learn even more about what six of our protagonists (Mitch, Stan, Irene, Scott, Mike, and Marcus) do to get through each of the many subplots in typical Vince Flynn fashion, i.e., take no prisoners.  

All the loose ends are neatly tied up as the story ends, but somehow I feel that Mitch will be called upon again.  Continue the march, Kyle.  

- Gary

Why Did Consent To Kill Bring A 6'4" 350 Pound Man To Tears


I just finished reading Consent to Kill. 

I am an wxperienced adult 68 years old. I am 6'4" tall and weigh 350 lbs. 

When I read the end, I cried for all the emotions going through Mitch as he finds the killers, but spares their lives. No book of fiction has ever done this to me. 

When you read his stories and understand what he is made of, and then find that he can walk away from the ultimate vengeance, it makes this character larger than life. 

Thank you Vince for many hours of enjoyment and constant wishes That Mitch were real.

- Jerry

A Fan Who Only Reads Vince's Books Is Excited For October

I have never been a reader of anything other than newspapers or magazines since I was younger.  My wife gave me an electronic reader for Christmas a couple of years back and I thought I would never use it. I downloaded the sample version of American Assassin just to have "a book" on there.  I immediately purchased the book in its entirety. I finished the book in a day and a half. I could not believe that I was so interested.  I then researched the order of books and bought everything Mr. Flynn had authored.  I felt so intellectual (ha) having my own library.  When Mr. Flynn was first diagnosed and the Last Man book was postponed and possibly never to be released I was devastated.  I felt as though I had lost someone in my immediate family.  Then Mr. Flynn fought and overcame and the book was published.  When the passing of Mr. Flynn was made public I mourned not only for Mr. Flynn and his family, but for Mitch.  I attempted to get interested in other authors in similar story lines.  The electronic reader has sat on a shelf.  The announcement of plans to continue the series excites me.  In October I will have the reader charged and updated.  Thank you Mr. Flynn (an to the people continuing his name) for the opportunity to meet Mitch and friends.  

God Bless! 

Vince's Legacy Lives On Through A Holiday Family Tradition

Hello Kyle Mills,

This is not a question, is a simple tale about Vince's influence on us.

Every year for Thanksgiving, our family (and I, specifically) have a couple of traditions. The first is from my husband wherein we listen to Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" a few (or 20 more) times due to the fact that my husband and I are both ex-military and enjoy laughing ourselves silly.

The second tradition is mine alone. As I start shopping for dinner, I also start listening to my audio books of Mitch Rapp that I have put on my I-Pod. 

Usually a week and a half prior to dinner starts with Transfer Of Power, since I 'read' them in the order they were written. Because I listen to audio books daily I normally get to Consent to Kill by Wednesday evening as I am chopping and dicing vegetables for stuffing. Throughout the whole process I call out for one of our four children (who are all familiar with the books, two of whom have read them all as well) and give a quote and we laugh.

This Wednesday, once again, after dinner, my evening started with chopping and the words: "To kill a man is a relatively easy thing...". The story, of course, continued as I chopped, peeled, diced, browned and again the next morning as I basted, pureed, mixed, basted, baked, kneaded, basted... and a few loose tears again rolled down my cheeks. I came to the website and remembered. 

Vince may be gone, but his legacy might be able to live on. I gave thanks in my mind, very quietly and personally. I hope that you will keep the faith that all of us who love Vince, and love his books will continue to live through them for many Thanksgiving dinners to come.
With warmest best wishes for your attempts,


I will of course continue to series to it’s current conclusion. That should end about halfway to Christmas. You better hurry with that writing mister, we are waiting! :)

Patty Bonds With Her Doctor Over Mitch Rapp While Battling Cancer

Let me say first that Mr. Flynn's passing made me very sad, for him, his family, friends and his fans. I prayed for him and his family and will continue to do so.

My husband had read All of Mr. Flynn's books on Mr. Rapp and suggested that i read them.  I had just been diagnosed with both multiple myeloma and breast cancer back in March 2013. 

While in the hospital or having treatments i picked up one of Mr. Flynn's books and was HOOKED after reading the first 50 pages. I've since read every book in the series, I'm now Re-Reading them but this time in the order they came out. 

I'm a 68 years old woman and have never felt this way about any person I've never met before, meaning Mr. Flynn Or a character in a book the way i have with Mitch Rapp. I've gone to bed with him every night, taken him to (Mitch)  tests, chemo etc. I've told every doctor, nurse, tech, I've come across about My Flynn. One of my doctor's was also reading one of the Mitch Rapp books and we had so much fun talking about what was going on in the book, other Mitch Rapp books we'd read etc. We had a ball. 

My next appointment is in 3 weeks and I can't wait to hear IF he's heard the series Will Continue.   I'm so glad to hear that the Mitch Rapp series will continue but I Hope the book will come out as soon as possible.   I miss reading Mitch at night, during my treatments, tests chemo, etc. Just having "another" book on my night stand isn't the same for me. 

I've read my entire life Every Single Day but have Never read such an EXCITING Author and character as Mitch Rapp.

Between my husband and myself we have over 1,000 books but None compare with My Flynn's.
Again a Big Thank You for bringing Mitch back to us and I hope he stays True! 

Mrs. Patty Stacey
Russellville, AR 

Vince Helps Make A Fan's Last Days More Comfortable

My father, Brian O'Mahoney, recently passed away after a battle with cancer. The last book he was reading was Executive Power. His last day was spent in and out of consciousness and he was quite disorientated and confused at times. During one bout of awakeness I held up the book seeing if he wanted it and he clearly read out Vince Flynn Executive Power and it helped him to focus on something other than his battle even for just a moment. He was a great lover of secret agent type books and the bedroom, study, bathroom and car have always had a book(s) for when he needed something to read. I just felt I wanted to share this with you, though I am sure you read/hear similar stories often. I wish you well and look forward to your further publications.

Yours faithfully,
Alice O'Mahoney

A Fan Takes His Vince Flynn Library Through Tours In Iraq and Afghanistan

All survived two tours in Iraq and once in Afghanistan! 

My first Vince Flynn Novel was Term Limits when I was in Camp Taji
Iraq at the camp MWR facility. I couldn't put it down! 

I left the book after reading it for others to enjoy! 

Now I have nearly every book in the series! 

Now that I am medically retiring from the Army, I will finally have time
to read the series in order and enjoy the works of a wonderful self published author! 

I cannot believe he is gone!  I hope to finish my collection and walk in his footsteps and write my own novels as Vince's books have inspired my writing. I will miss this man I have never met! I would like to tell his family that I am very sorry for their loss and that he has touched many of us soldiers and citizens alike with his imagination and hard work! He will be very much missed!

- Joseph

A Vince Flynn Fan Shares His Story With Kyle Mills


You don't know me and I'm sure we'll never meet in person. My name is Ryan Steck, I'm a husband and father of five wonderful children. I live Kalamazoo, Michigan and am 25 years old. 

Until last year I'd never read a book in my adult life. When I saw on the news that Vince Flynn had passed away, I had never heard of him. He was an author, they said, and I almost quit listening. Then I heard one of the news anchors say that he also worked on the television show 24, which I'm a huge fan of! For some reason, I decided I was going to check this guy out...

I looked him up, and learned he wrote books about some fellow named Mitch Rapp. I found a list of his books in chronological order, then hopped on Amazon and bought a copy of American Assassin. It was the first book I've ever purchased... I read it in a week and fell in love with the writing and character, so naturally Kill Shot was my second purchase. I was hooked, and over two months I read all fourteen of Flynn's novels, including Term Limits. A display featuring all of his books is proudly set up in my home. It's one of my proudest possessions.

I'm a grown man, a father for crying out loud, I'm suppose to be tough! But when I finished the final page of The Last Man I was devastated. I suddenly realized there were no more adventures to go on with my buddy Rapp. My first love in the world of books, and the stories were over. What an empty feeling that left! 

Vince felt like a friend I've never met, and can now never meet. I felt robbed as a fan because having discovered his work after he'd already passed, I never had the opportunity to go to a book signing, or feel the excitement and anticipation from a book release date rapidly approaching. 

Thanks to you, and the rest of Vince's team and family, I will now have that chance! I wrote on Emily Bestler's Facebook page last night that I was in bed when my phone vibrated alerting me to the fact that I had an email. Through tired and blurry eyes I saw Flynn's name in the subject line and couldn't get the message opened fast enough! 

I have checked, honestly, at least four times a week since last July for ANY updates on Flynn's The Survivor. I know his website and fan newsletter said we, the fans, would be the first to know, but I checked for rumors, or anything, anyways! I was so excited last night that I was actually jumping around my home, celebrating! My wife and oldest daughter, both of which know how much I love Mitch Rapp, wondered what the heck was going on. When I told them, they congratulated me! Me? Why me? 

That's why I'm writing you this email, And I pray it somehow finds it's way to you. I just wanted to congratulate you, as well as offer my support and loyalty. I've read your comments this morning about how you've gone back and read every Rapp book in chronological order, taking notes, etc. it's obvious that you're dedicated to breathing new life into Mitch Rapp, so thank you for that! 

I've also read your comments about how these are big shoes to fill, I can only imagine! No worries, you'll nail it! I haven't been able to find any other author, or character, that comes anywhere close to the genius of Flynn/Rapp. I immediately got a list of your books, and I can't wait to check them out! I'll be in my library and on Amazon later today finding copies. 

You'll be in my prayers as you work to finish The Survivor, and I look forward to an additional two installments from you in the coming years. I hope I speak for most Flynn/Rapp fans when I say this... We're behind you, we support you, and we thank you for continuing our beloved characters. It'll be a true honor to display the additional Rapp books, authored by you, along with the rest in my home. 

God bless, 

Ryan Steck

Vince Flynn Changes A Retired Teacher's Life

Vince Flynn's books have changed my 65 year old life. 

I am a retired public school teacher and have recently been introduced
to Vince Flynn. 

While I have read only 5 of his books, I can't wait to get the next one. 

Finally, something other than my wife and family gets my mind off golf. 

Thanks to the Flynn family. I hope to meet Vince one day in heaven and
thank him personally. 

- Vic