A 20-Year Navy Veteran Shares His Thoughts On The Survivor

It is beyond bittersweet, as I just finished The Survivor.  I have voraciously read every book in the series. I would impatiently wait for months until the next edition was released. Like millions of others I'm sure, I was devastated at Vince's passing, but was THRILLED to learn that the family decided to release this final work. 

I'm sure you've heard it said many times already, but I'll say it anyway, I thought the book was pure Mitch Rapp cover to cover. You stepped into an impossibly difficult position and did a superb job. As a true fan and 20 year Navy patriot who loved this line of books like few others, I hope you are given the opportunity to keep Mitch alive as a testimony to Vince's brilliance. Thanks again to you, and if at all possible please extend my heartfelt condolences and deep gratitude to the Flynn family for their generosity. 

With utmost respect, 
SCPO Ed Aldrich, USN (ret)