Patty Bonds With Her Doctor Over Mitch Rapp While Battling Cancer

Let me say first that Mr. Flynn's passing made me very sad, for him, his family, friends and his fans. I prayed for him and his family and will continue to do so.

My husband had read All of Mr. Flynn's books on Mr. Rapp and suggested that i read them.  I had just been diagnosed with both multiple myeloma and breast cancer back in March 2013. 

While in the hospital or having treatments i picked up one of Mr. Flynn's books and was HOOKED after reading the first 50 pages. I've since read every book in the series, I'm now Re-Reading them but this time in the order they came out. 

I'm a 68 years old woman and have never felt this way about any person I've never met before, meaning Mr. Flynn Or a character in a book the way i have with Mitch Rapp. I've gone to bed with him every night, taken him to (Mitch)  tests, chemo etc. I've told every doctor, nurse, tech, I've come across about My Flynn. One of my doctor's was also reading one of the Mitch Rapp books and we had so much fun talking about what was going on in the book, other Mitch Rapp books we'd read etc. We had a ball. 

My next appointment is in 3 weeks and I can't wait to hear IF he's heard the series Will Continue.   I'm so glad to hear that the Mitch Rapp series will continue but I Hope the book will come out as soon as possible.   I miss reading Mitch at night, during my treatments, tests chemo, etc. Just having "another" book on my night stand isn't the same for me. 

I've read my entire life Every Single Day but have Never read such an EXCITING Author and character as Mitch Rapp.

Between my husband and myself we have over 1,000 books but None compare with My Flynn's.
Again a Big Thank You for bringing Mitch back to us and I hope he stays True! 

Mrs. Patty Stacey
Russellville, AR