A Fan Who Only Reads Vince's Books Is Excited For October

I have never been a reader of anything other than newspapers or magazines since I was younger.  My wife gave me an electronic reader for Christmas a couple of years back and I thought I would never use it. I downloaded the sample version of American Assassin just to have "a book" on there.  I immediately purchased the book in its entirety. I finished the book in a day and a half. I could not believe that I was so interested.  I then researched the order of books and bought everything Mr. Flynn had authored.  I felt so intellectual (ha) having my own library.  When Mr. Flynn was first diagnosed and the Last Man book was postponed and possibly never to be released I was devastated.  I felt as though I had lost someone in my immediate family.  Then Mr. Flynn fought and overcame and the book was published.  When the passing of Mr. Flynn was made public I mourned not only for Mr. Flynn and his family, but for Mitch.  I attempted to get interested in other authors in similar story lines.  The electronic reader has sat on a shelf.  The announcement of plans to continue the series excites me.  In October I will have the reader charged and updated.  Thank you Mr. Flynn (an to the people continuing his name) for the opportunity to meet Mitch and friends.  

God Bless!