A Fan Takes His Vince Flynn Library Through Tours In Iraq and Afghanistan

All survived two tours in Iraq and once in Afghanistan! 

My first Vince Flynn Novel was Term Limits when I was in Camp Taji
Iraq at the camp MWR facility. I couldn't put it down! 

I left the book after reading it for others to enjoy! 

Now I have nearly every book in the series! 

Now that I am medically retiring from the Army, I will finally have time
to read the series in order and enjoy the works of a wonderful self published author! 

I cannot believe he is gone!  I hope to finish my collection and walk in his footsteps and write my own novels as Vince's books have inspired my writing. I will miss this man I have never met! I would like to tell his family that I am very sorry for their loss and that he has touched many of us soldiers and citizens alike with his imagination and hard work! He will be very much missed!

- Joseph