An Ambassador Provides A Review Of The Survivor

Thank you for selecting me as an ambassador and sending a galley.  This was received on 17 June, but I elected to start reading The Survivor on 19 June, the anniversary of Vince's passing.  


This one word describes the juxtaposition of two authors corroborating on one novel.  I don't know how much Vince completed while writing The Survivor before his tragic passing, but Kyle Mills certainly wove his style into Vince's so that it's impossible to say who wrote what.

The opening grabbed my attention and it never wavered.  Conflicts abound, with strong character development as we learn even more about what six of our protagonists (Mitch, Stan, Irene, Scott, Mike, and Marcus) do to get through each of the many subplots in typical Vince Flynn fashion, i.e., take no prisoners.  

All the loose ends are neatly tied up as the story ends, but somehow I feel that Mitch will be called upon again.  Continue the march, Kyle.  

- Gary