"Mitch Rapp's Girlfriend" Provides A Review Of The Survivor

Dear All,

Wow! Thank you again for the advanced copy of The Survivor!  I have been reading Vince's works since the beginning and am an avid Rapp fan.  Kyle, you had some big boots to fill, but this book did not disappoint!  I do not know how much of this book Vince wrote.  There's a fan page on Facebook that claims Vince only wrote the first chapter.  I tried to figure it out as I read and my guess would be around Chapter 26 is where Vince left off. The writing shifted slightly there, but nothing significant. Can you answer that- where did Kyle pick up?

I consider myself to be one of the biggest Vince and Rapp fans around, and I am beyond pleased with this book.  I'll admit, I was nervous to even give Kyle a shot at this and almost didn't read it for fear that somehow he would destroy a piece of Vince's legacy or characters as he attempted to finish this.  Kyle, it was amazing and you should be so proud! I am not disappointed in any way and look forward to reading more!

All in all, I am completely blown away by how you guys pulled all of this off.  Fans around the world were heartbroken with Vince's passing.  This has been a wonderful tribute to him and keeps him alive through the characters he created for his family and friends.  Sending out galley
copies to so many was like kisses from heaven, I swear.  It touched me deeply. I really think Vince would be so proud of all of you and pleased with how this is going.  Keep up the good work and as always, let me know
if I can help!

With much gratitude,

PS: My own husband calls me Mitch Rapp's girlfriend.  How bad is that?! He knows I'll disappear for days into the books and that no other book will satisfy me like a Mitch Rapp thriller!  Kyle, "Miranda" would be an awesome name for Mitch's new girlfriend... it seems you are looking to end his loneliness!  Just saying, Miranda and Mitch sound great together!