Vince's Legacy Lives On Through A Holiday Family Tradition

Hello Kyle Mills,

This is not a question, is a simple tale about Vince's influence on us.

Every year for Thanksgiving, our family (and I, specifically) have a couple of traditions. The first is from my husband wherein we listen to Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" a few (or 20 more) times due to the fact that my husband and I are both ex-military and enjoy laughing ourselves silly.

The second tradition is mine alone. As I start shopping for dinner, I also start listening to my audio books of Mitch Rapp that I have put on my I-Pod. 

Usually a week and a half prior to dinner starts with Transfer Of Power, since I 'read' them in the order they were written. Because I listen to audio books daily I normally get to Consent to Kill by Wednesday evening as I am chopping and dicing vegetables for stuffing. Throughout the whole process I call out for one of our four children (who are all familiar with the books, two of whom have read them all as well) and give a quote and we laugh.

This Wednesday, once again, after dinner, my evening started with chopping and the words: "To kill a man is a relatively easy thing...". The story, of course, continued as I chopped, peeled, diced, browned and again the next morning as I basted, pureed, mixed, basted, baked, kneaded, basted... and a few loose tears again rolled down my cheeks. I came to the website and remembered. 

Vince may be gone, but his legacy might be able to live on. I gave thanks in my mind, very quietly and personally. I hope that you will keep the faith that all of us who love Vince, and love his books will continue to live through them for many Thanksgiving dinners to come.
With warmest best wishes for your attempts,


I will of course continue to series to it’s current conclusion. That should end about halfway to Christmas. You better hurry with that writing mister, we are waiting! :)