#MitchRapp20: From Transfer Of Power To Lethal Agent


We have launched #MitchRapp20, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Mitch Rapp novel, Transfer Of Power.  

The celebration will last for the rest of the year and will include:

Transfer Of Power Monthly Giveaway - to enter let us know what Mitch Rapp means to you

Mitch Rapp Trivia - how well do you know Mitch Rapp

Top 20 Fan Emails And Profiles - the most memorable and moving fan submissions (you might need a tissue for some of these)

Top 20 Fan Photos - pics of fans reading Mitch Rapp all over the world, from underwater to thousands of feet above sea level and many place in between

To begin the celebration of 20 years of Mitch Rapp, we have a note from Vince's brother, Tim. 


“In 1999 my brother Vince Flynn introduced us to the Ultimate Force Multiplier. Mitch Rapp. A true warrior who has the ability to carry out clandestine missions like no other. Most do not want to know the specific details. All are grateful for the freedom he secures. In his profession all are expected to be tactically sound. It is Mitch’s ability to be multiple steps ahead of his adversaries is why he succeeds. His tactics combined with his intelligence and experience make him the best. Vince’s ability to develop Mitch as a character and tell his story has hooked millions of readers. We miss Vince every day. We appreciate that Kyle Mills has been able to continue the journey. “ - Tim Flynn

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Mitch Rapp Faces an unprecedented bioterrorism plot in Lethal Agent, available from all major retailers on September 24.

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Join The Celebration

We have launched #MitchRapp20, a year long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Mitch Rapp novel, Transfer Of Power.  


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