#MitchRapp20: Do You Know Your Mitch Rapp Trivia?


As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Mitch Rapp novel, Transfer Of Power, we will ask 20 Mitch Rapp trivia questions throughout the year (questions and answers courtesy of Ryan the Rappologist).

Two questions will be posted monthly. Entrants with the most total correct answers will be entered to win a signed edition of Lethal Agent (Mitch Rapp #18).

The answers for round 7 (questions 13 and 14) will be revealed on September 18.

  1. Who was Rapp’s first kill? - Hamdi Sharif.

  2. What type of handgun did Rapp use, almost exclusively, in his younger days? - Barretta 92F.

  3. What was the full name of Mitch Rapp’s high school sweetheart? - Maureen “The Dream” Elliot.

    Bonus: She’s called Mary in American Assassin.

  4. What does Mitch Rapp order from McDonalds after his knee surgery in Consent To Kill? - A Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, fries, and a large Coke.

  5. How did Mitch Rapp end up with a long scar along his left jawline? - The injury occurred off page, between Kill Shot and Transfer Of Power, in a confrontation with Rafique Aziz

  6. Mitch Rapp has one brother. What’s his name, and occupation? - Steven Rapp, the younger brother of Mitch, possesses a genius level IQ and holds a master’s degree in quantum theory from MIT. He currently runs a hedge fund department for Salomon Brothers in New York City.

  7. What university did Mitch Rapp turn down a scholarship offer to play lacrosse for in order to follow his high school girlfriend to Syracuse? - University of North Carolina.

  8. What did Mitch Rapp major and minor in at Syracuse? - Rapp holds a degree in International Business with a minor in French.

  9. How old was Mitch Rapp when he unofficially joined the CIA? - He was recruited, and ultimately underwent training to join the Orion Team at age twenty-two. 

  10. How old was Mitch Rapp when he officially joined the CIA, and what was his title? (Bonus: what is his pay grade?)

    a. Mitch Rapp was thirty-who when he accepted an offer from CIA Director Dr. Irene Kennedy to become a special assistant to the director of the Central Intelligence on counterterrorism. His starting salary was $60,000.

    b. Additionally, at the same time Rapp became a special assistant to Dr. Kennedy, he also agreed to unofficially run the Orion Team, for which he was paid $150,000 annually, tax free. 

    c. During a Q&A on VinceFlynn.com in October of 2012, Flynn stated that Rapp fell into the SIS 4 pay grade.

  11. Who blew Rapp’s cover by leaking his name, information, and picture to the media? 

    Congressman Albert Rudin

  12. Where did Anna Rielly want to get married, and where did she and Mitch Rapp actually get married? (Bonus: Name the best and maid of honor.)

    Anna wanted to get married at St. Ann’s in Chicago. Instead, Father Malone came from St. Ann’s to perform the ceremony at the White House.  

    Steven Rapp was Rapp’s best man, while Liz O’Rourke was Anna’s maid of honor

  13. What named did Mitch and Anna travel under for their honey moon?

  14. Vince Flynn misspelled Mitch Rapp’s name just one time in the whole series. Which book can that typo be found in?


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