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Now you can nominate a current military member or a Veteran to win a free edition of Red War. 

So, whether you know a current military member or a Veteran that is a big Mitch Rapp fan or someone who should start reading the series, enter them in the Monthly Military Giveaway!

Please enter your name and email below, so we can contact you if your entry wins, along with the name, address and military branch of the person you are submitting.  You can also include a message as to why they should win and a photo of them.

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My husband is a retired veteran with over 25 years of service. He was an Attack Helicopter Pilot (AH 1G Cobra) and served in Vietnam and Grenada. He becomes embarrassed if someone now thanks him for his service. It was quite different up until he retired in 1985 No one had ever thanked him for his service during his tenure. He related to me that when he returned to San Francisco from Vietnam, they were instructed to change into civilian clothes to continue their travel home. He is the proud father of seven children and nine grandchildren. He has read every Mitch Rapp book written and considers Vince Flynn the best author ever. Ironically he attended Lisbon Falls High School with Steven King. It would mean so much to him to have an autographed book for his 76th Birthday The photo I am attaching was on his, 75 the Birthday when he had his entire family together for the first time since he retired from the US Army in 1985.


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Military giveaway

If you know a current military member or a Veteran that’s Mitch Rapp fan, enter them in the Monthly Military Giveaway!

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