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Now you can nominate a current military member or a Veteran to win a free edition of Red War. 

So, whether you know a current military member or a Veteran that is a big Mitch Rapp fan or someone who should start reading the series, enter them in the Monthly Military Giveaway!

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I began my service with an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps 1 month after graduating high school back in 1991. I served 4 years, got out, and 2 weeks later enlisted in the Army. I spent an additional 14 years in the Army. I have had my fair share of deployments from Kuwait x2, LA Riots, Somalia, Hurricane Katrina, and Iraq in 2006. I was injured 7 months into my 2006 Iraq deployment which rendered me bed ridden. I picked up my first copy of Transfer of Power to give me something to do. I immediately fell in love with these books. I could not get enough of these novels. I immediately had a buddy go to the PX and buy up the books they had. With each book I read the more I became immersed in the life of Mitch Rapp. I still bought subsequent books released after I was medically retired from the Army. These books kept me positive during my rehabilitation. I recommend anyone to read these marvelous pieces of literature.


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If you know a current military member or a Veteran that’s Mitch Rapp fan, enter them in the Monthly Military Giveaway!

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