#MitchRapp20: Transfer Of Power Giveaway


As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Mitch Rapp novel, Transfer Of Power, we will be giving away 20 copies of the book throughout the year.

To enter just let us know what Mitch Rapp means to you via the form below.

(we would like to include photos of the winners and tag them on social networks, if possible, which is the reason for those fields in the form)



My wife was never much of a reader, while I couldn’t get enough. I devoured the Vince Flynn books, and after I read Memorial Day, I finally got my wife (at that time, my girlfriend) to start reading with Transfer Of Power. She’s been hooked ever since. Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp gave us something to bond over (reading), which we never had before. Now she’s a Mitch Rapp and Vince Flynn Superfan just like me!



The Mitch Rapp series has helped me through a couple major times in my life. First one being that I am now 3 years sober. The first night of detox I started reading the first Mitch Rapp book and to say it took my mind off all the crazy things in my life due to my addiction would be an understatement. The second thing was when my dad got diagnosed with ALS. It took his life within a year. During that year, just about every night I was reading to just help me temporarily “escape” the reality of what was going on with my dad. The Mitch Rapp series has helped me through many tough times and to this day, every time I sit down to read one, it helps me “get away” from this crazy world even if just for an hour or two!!


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We have launched #MitchRapp20, a year long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Mitch Rapp novel, Transfer Of Power.  


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