Team Orion Starts A Vince Flynn Book Club In Afghanistan

Hello Vince,

All our guys are now in Afghanistan at our final base of operations. On a personal note, it’s great to be back here at such an important time for this country. 

My Soldiers feel the same way.

Speaking of my Soldiers, they’ve created a Vince Flynn book club thanks to your gift of two copies of each of your books. They’ve been burning through them and passing them around inside our unit almost every night. I’ve never seen Soldiers read so much, so fast and with such enjoyment. 

Just tonight one of the Sergeants dropped in to tell me he’d finished two books in five days. Another guy read over 600 pages since his arrival last week.

Funny too is how they’ve adopted call signs for themselves based on characters in the books. A small clique of really hard-corps Mitch Rapp fans has taken to calling themselves, “Orion Team.”

Special Forces Soldier