An Audition For The Role Of Mitch Rapp On The Silver Screen

Dear Vince,

In the world of storytelling you are one of my biggest heroes. I greatly admire and appreciate the thoroughness of your research behind the action in your plots, the current nature of the story lines that aid in educating the public about the dangers to our freedom and the glorification of the sacrifices made by our nation's intelligence services to keep our citizens safe. I see in you a humility and a spirit of servitude aimed towards your audience and those that protect our country that I so greatly admire.

I'm an actor in Los Angeles and when I heard Consent to Kill was in pre-production with a director attached I decided to film a couple scenes from the book as an audition piece when and if casting takes place. I wanted to share with you these scenes, see scenes here: (the video is no longer available).

One way or the other I hope to be a part of bringing your stories to life on the big screen. I realize the role of Mitch Rapp will most likely be given to a big name actor but I hope the scenes I shot will help me to be considered for other roles in the film. In addition to acting I juggled the duties of co-director, production manager, casting director, location scout, editor and writer (adapting the scenes into a script) in order to turn the scenes into a reality. At the very least my efforts serve as a testament to the appreciation and love I have for the work you do. 

Joshua Kingdon