Sharing Mitch Rapp Can Be Difficult...Even With Your Spouse

My husband and me have recently become big fans of yours. My husband had recently retired and in some spare time took up reading. He kept telling me how much I would enjoy your books. I hadn't been much of a reader up to this point. Well let me tell you, I started with Transfer of Power and I could not put it down. 

I did absolutely nothing but read for 2 days! 

I continued reading the books in order and so was my husband. He was ahead of me but I am a faster reader. I caught up to him when he was reading Consent To Kill. 

The book belonged to our son and had been read several times so it was a little ragged and worn. It was starting to split in half . 

I couldn't wait for my husband to finish the book so once he was finished the first "half", I cut the book in half! My husband continued reading the last half and I read the first half. We started laughing. Of all the books out there, here we were reading the same novel!  

Bob & Bonnie Pettipas
Nova Scotia, Canada