Mitch Rapp Resonates With Reader Who Joined The Marines After 9/11


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding novels. The Mitch Rapp story line has captivated me since mid-2004 when a fellow Marine introduced me to your books.

I'm now 33, have been an avid reader since my early 20's, and can say without question that your novels captivate me more than any other author I've read. 

I can relate to Mitch in a vague sense in that 9-11 hit me so deeply I joined the Marine Corps. I can certainly understand his drive for retribution and commitment to our country. While a patriot before 9-11, I never knew what love of country really meant until that tragic day. I guess in some small way the Rapp story has captivated me because his motivation to serve, and my own, are similar. We were hit in the face with the realities of the world, how evil it can be, and wanted nothing more than to face those evils and destroy them ourselves.

I look forward to October every year and am eagerly awaiting the release of American Assasin.

Thanks again, keep up the great work!
Logan J. - Richardson, TX