Mitch Rapp Motivates Sergeant To Train Even Harder

I have read your books all the way up to Separation of Power and have not been able to put any of them down.

I am a full time combat medic instructor at camp Ripley in Little Falls, MN and your books motivate me to train harder and push my students further to be more like your fictional character; Mitch Rapp.

There have been many nights that I go to bed at around 10 and find myself still
reading at midnight; and After reading your books for about an hour or so I don’t
know if I should keep reading or I should go out for a run because I feel out of
shape when I read about how good of shape that Mitch is in. I then have to force
myself to go to bed because I have to be up at 0530 to get ready and head off to work.

My readiness NCO and I have both read your books and love them. If you are ever on 371 heading up to Brainerd stop by Camp Ripley bldg 2-1 we would love to meet you and get a book signed.

Keep up the good work,
SGT Jeremie V. Little Falls, MN