Discovering Vince For A Second Time

Hello Vince,

The First time I read one of your books was when I was deployed to Afghanistan. The first one was "Extreme Measures" then I found Pursuit of Honor fell in love with each book. Did not know that it was a 13 book set. 

Today, a friend of mine gave me a book called Executive Power and I'm thinking to myself "This type of storyline seems familiar and the character Mitch Rapp does as well. 

So I looked up your name and sure enough, I remembered who wrote the story. I am a member of the 72nd Military Police Co. in Henderson, NV with the Nevada Army National Guard. 

I was wondering if you would like to donate 1-2 full sets of all 13 books to my unit for reading. I'm sure a lot of the soldiers would like your stories seeing that a lot of people in my unit have a lot of combat experience such as myself and have alot of similarities in common with your books. Please write back with some comment if you would be interested in this or even if not. 

Thank you for your time,

VInce sent Jeremy's unit a full library of books.