Vince’s Novels Helped Me Through One Of The Biggest Trials Of My Life

I'm so so so saddened by your death. I'm at home crying my eyes out even though I don't really know you. 

My heart goes out to your wife and children.  I can't even imagine what they are going through. 

You were too young! 

I should have sent this comment when you were alive to tell you how much your books meant to me. 

My husband and I have been infertile for 6 years. We have a 1-2% chance of having a child. We always said if we ever got pregnant with a boy we'd name him Mitch. 

Yep, a little obsessed with your books, but they got us through many NYC subway rides and we read them to each other while driving across the country. They kept us awake! 

Anyway, 4 years into our infertility adventure I got pregnant. It was a miracle! We knew we had beat the odds. Ten weeks later I had an ultrasound and there was no baby. It had died. 

God was merciful though. 

I had reordered your first 3 books again because they had been lost while others borrowed them. The books were waiting for me when I got home, so I dove right in. I knew I just needed something to get my mind off the hurt and there was no better way to do that than read your books. 

I always tell people that Vince Flynn got me through one of the biggest trials of my life. I will be forever grateful! 

Thank you for your books, your life, your example. I'm so sorry it ended this way. 

- Sam G.