Reading Mitch Rapp Helps Fan During His Battle With Cancer

My name is Tom Foley and am the Executive Associate Dean of the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. I was also a high school and college lacrosse player. One of my high school teammates is the present Hall of Fame coach at Syracuse University, John Desko. Obviously you can see that I would have a strong interest in your character, Mitch Rapp.

I am writing to thank you.

Last summer, I was diagnosed with a low grade B-Cell folicular lymphoma (stage IV.) I started reading your novels in July of 2012 as I started my treatments. I have one more novel to go. I want to thank you for helping get through my chemo and the additional consolidation therapy that I have just finished. I am in remission and am feeling pretty good. My disease is treatable, but not curable, but we are doing alright!

Your novels have been wonderful, they helped me when I was sitting, getting my hours worth of chemo, they helped me to unwind before the end of the day and they helped me fight back as I go to the gym and spend time on the elliptical machine. Thank you for your Mitt Rapp series, I have truly enjoyed them!

Thank you for helping me get through these difficult times.

All the best,