What's Your Story: Bob Mitchell


I am from Southern Illinois.  I was a three-sport letterman in high school, played college football and a season of semi-pro baseball.  I worked as a television anchor/reporter for about 12 years before joining the Army as a broadcast journalist.  I have been deployed to Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Central America. I have also been stationed in Germany and Turkey in addition to tours at several CONUS bases.  I will retire from the Army in November 2013.

When did you start reading Vince?
After getting stationed in California in 2011, my commander suggested reading Vince Flynn books.  After about 10 pages of Pursuit of Honor I was hooked and read all of the Mitch Rapp books within about a year.

Which one of Vince's books is your favorite and why?
I love them all, but Pursuit Of Honor was my first, which is not unlike my first girlfriend; I always remember both with great fondness.

Do you have a favorite character and why?
Mitch Rapp is my favorite character by far.  The way he gets the bad guys gets me fired up.

Who do you envision when you read of Mitch and why?
The kind of guy I admire.  He stands for decency and honor.  He is the kind of guy I would want as a close friend.  I also love the way he has no tolerance for Political

Correctness or politicians.    

If you could be a character in a Vince Flynn novel, what would you be?
Mitch Rapp without a doubt.  He is the kind of guy I would want to be if I had his job.    

Is there anything else you would like to share relating to Vince and his novels?
Please don't stop writing them.  I often re-read Vince's novels while waiting for the next one to come out.