Sharing Memories Of A Father And Mitch Rapp

Vince Flynn Email Of The Month Monesa.jpg

Dear Mr. Flynn,

Just wanted to tell you thank you for your books.

My Dad, Sam, always loved to read, but in his early 70’s he said he was going to only read articles and no more books - mostly because once he started a book he would sit and read until he finished the book and he was finding it difficult to sit for a long time.

February of 2010 he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was pretty sick.

After hearing an interview with you on Glenn Beck, I purchased a few of your books, gave one to Dad, and told him he might want to read it.

And then, every time I walked by his room he was reading your book. I was reading a different one and he would ask me, “How is our hero Mitch Rapp?”

We finished our books, exchanged with each other, and spent many hours last summer reading as America was threatened and saved in 500 pages, thanks to our hero Mitch Rapp.

Over the years Dad and I shared scores of books, but your books were our best, and our last.

Dad died in October, but some of my last best memories include reading your books together.

Thank you, and may God bless you,