Kyle Mills: 12 Videos, Interviews, And Reviews From My Red War Tour

In case you missed the videos, interviews, and reviews from my Red War tour, here are a few recaps to catch you up on what people wanted to know while I was on the road promoting my latest book. It was clear to me as I traveled around the country that Mitch Rapp is hotter than ever. He continues to fascinate readers with his no-nonsense approach to solving the world's problems.


The Poisoned Pen
The Poisoned Pen is an iconic mystery/thriller bookstore in Arizona. There, I was interviewed by fellow thriller writer and former Navy SEAL, Jack Carr. It was the first time I’d met Jack face-to-face, despite having a mutual friend in Brad Thor. Afterward, we went to dinner where I was able to annoy him with questions about the psychology of Navy SEALs.

Normally I do radio interviews but these guys—a former Army Ranger/Green Beret and a radio producer—wanted to do a Skype interview instead. All was good until midway through when my neighbor’s dog went on a tear and wouldn’t stop barking. Still, it was a great conversation that touched on the world’s escalating threats and how I came up with the idea for Red War.

WCCO Mid-Morning Show
I did this show a few years ago when The Survivor was released so it was nice to revisit the studio to promote Red War. Talk about red carpet treatment. A car picked me up at the hotel to drive me 45 seconds to the studio on the next block.


The Real Book Spy

Ryan Steck, who many know as the Rappologist, is the most knowledgeable guy on the planet when it comes to Mitch Rapp. He's the man I call on when I’m stumped about a bit of series esoterica. Here we do a deep dive into the book, the series, and Vince’s continuing influence. He reviewed Red War, too.

The Washington Times

When I took over the series, I was worried that some fans wouldn’t come along for the ride simply because Vince was no longer writing it. Here’s a recent convert. I’m so glad he decided to give me a chance.


Skillset Podcast
These guys were hilarious to talk to and have a great podcast with all kinds of different guests. They’ve recently moved to new digs and were still in the process of setting up their in-studio bar. I’ll look forward to that next time. They also do the photography for an enormous number of gun magazines and had a few photo shoots set up when I arrived. It was fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at how that’s done.

WCBS Author Talks
The host asked me about my next novel and my answer was: “I’m going back to what I consider more of a classic Vince Flynn book—Mitch Rapp kicking butt. Those books are fun to read and they’re fun to write.” The entire interview is here at the 8:10-17:33 mark.

First Look with Andy Morris
“These thrillers—to be interesting and fun—have to talk about what’s going on in the world in any given moment.” Find the interview here and hear Andy call me “a really famous author.” It’s on the Internet so it must be true!

Jim Bohannon, Westwood One
“We have been, historically, very afraid of provoking Russia, and Russia seems to have no similar problem with provoking us… We should have a heavy military presence in the Baltics but we’ve never wanted to do that because Putin would consider it a provocation. I say ‘bring it on'.” This is one of the more interesting interviews I had during the tour because we took a detailed look at Russia, Putin, and the potential mistakes America is making in handling him. The interview begins at the 40:00 mark.

Author Stories Podcast
Hank Garner has been bringing the backstories of hundreds of authors to fans, recently recording his 500th episode. We talk about the challenges of moving Mitch forward while maintaining the essence of who he is.

Bruce Ciskie Show
“When I took over the series, I already knew about Mitch Rapp and the universe he lived in. Then it was a matter of doing a lot of research—watching old videos of Vince, speeches he’d done, him talking about the series, fan reactions—just trying to get a real feel for it before I started.” The entire interview is here.

Dave and Dujanovic
“I was surrounded by FBI, CIA, MI6, spec ops… It couldn’t have been more fascinating. You soak it up. But I never thought I’d do anything with it.” We had a great conversation, and I always enjoy spending time with such an enthusiastic fan.

This is only a portion of the many interviews and reviews that contributed to my Red War book tour. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to review the book, read and share the press, and of course, support Mitch and his team once again. Until next year…

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