Kyle Mills: On The Road Again - Seeing Old Friends and Meeting New Ones


It’s hard to believe that this will be my fifth Mitch Rapp tour, this time to promote Lethal Agent. Starting September 24th, I’ll be catching up with readers in Minneapolis, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Hilton Head, and Cranston, Rhode Island. Here are the details of my schedule.

In my early writing days, an upcoming book tour would weigh on my mind for months. I dreaded going to places where no one knew me and I felt like I didn’t belong up there on stage (more about imposter syndrome in this interview). These days, I look forward to book tours. Why? Lots of reasons, actually…

Fans Have Interesting Comments

I’m curious to hear readers’ reactions to my books. Fans of the series have an incredibly deep knowledge of the Mitch Rapp universe and I always end my tour with observations and perspectives to ponder while writing my next book.

Even more fun is connecting with readers who are just discovering Mitch Rapp. As longtime fans know, it’s impossible to recapture that sense of wonder you had when you first met the character. It always makes me wish I could forget everything about the series and pick it up again for the first time.

Bookstores Are Magical

I have always loved bookstores. There’s nothing quite like browsing through thousands of titles, oblivious to the hours slipping by. While virtual bookstores are certainly convenient and their inventory is huge, the comforting ambiance and in-depth knowledge you get in a brick-and-mortar bookstore simply can’t be replicated. Plus, it gives readers and writers a chance to interact face to face—something that’s difficult to replicate online.

It’s important to me to know that people are passionate about my books. Writing can be a pretty solitary pursuit and this is the one time of the year I get to see readers actually flipping through the pages I’ve spent a year sweating over.

It’s also the time I get together with the friends I’ve made over the years—fans of Vince’s and of mine, experts in various disciplines who have helped me along the way, booksellers, and fellow authors. It’s always a pleasure to get out from behind the computer screen and in front of the people who make all this worthwhile.

Thanks For Your Support

A big thanks to everyone who makes the effort to come and chat with me when I’m on the road. It’s your kindness and enthusiasm that keeps me—and Mitch—going.

See you in September!

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