Kyle Mills Talks About Writing Rapp, Enemy of the State and More!


We have a round-up of Kyle's favorite 2017 interviews to catch you up on all things Mitch Rapp. 

Kyle touches on a wide range of topics from what it's like to inhabit Rapp and continue his story for millions of fans to where Mitch, Scott, Irene and the rest of the team are heading.

1. The Real Book Spy
If you haven’t discovered Ryan Steck’s thriller website, you’re missing out. Ryan’s encyclopedic knowledge of the genre gives readers all the intel they need to stay current on the hottest titles. Here’s my latest interview with him and his review of Enemy of the State. 

2. The Big Thrill
The Big Thrill is the magazine produced by International Thriller Writers, and their monthly emails are a fantastic place to discover new titles and authors. Here’s my interview with Alison McMahan.

3. Not Boring Book Show Podcast
Here’s the conversation I had with longtime Vince Flynn fans Angela Halgrimson and Stacy Verdick Case on this Minnesota podcast’s 1-year anniversary. 

4. Glenn Beck, Blaze Radio Network
No introduction needed here, Glenn’s a legend in the radio world. "Mitch Rapp is one of the best characters in fiction now,” he says. We talk about this and much more.

5. National Review Online
I spent some time with John J. Miller on the Ricochet podcast as he dove into Mitch Rapp and the American Assassin movie.

6. Elise Cooper Interview and Review
Elise published her Enemy of the State review and her interview with me in a variety of places. Here are two of them: Crimespree Magazine and the Strand Magazine.

7. Author Stories Podcast
I really enjoyed my interview with writer and host, Hank Garner. Hank can introduce you to both traditionally published and indie authors who write in a wide variety of styles. 

8. WCBS Author Talks Podcast
Scroll down to the August 30 podcast, Chapter 30. We talk about what it was like to take over for Vince Flynn.

9. Ideation Collective’s Innovation and Leadership Podcast
A business podcast is not my usual venue but I’m so glad I got an opportunity to talk to Jess Larsen. He’s interviewed an impressive group of people—both from the business and creative world—and I’m happy to be one of them. Scroll down for Parts 1 and 2.

10. Rogue Women Writers Blog
Check out this fun site run by Gayle Lynds, Karna Bodman, Jamie Freveletti, and several other successful thriller writers. In my guest post, I talk about recreating another author’s characters.

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