What's Your Story: Alex


Please share some of your background:
Born in Minneapolis, MN and raised in the upper Midwest. I spent 6 years in the US Army Infantry serving in a myriad of Infantry roles from rifleman to designated marksman, machine gunner and team leader. I ended my career as a weapons and tactics instructor, preparing an Infantry company for deployment. I have a BA degree in Intelligence Studies, am a licensed police officer and am currently a DoD security contractor in Afghanistan.

When did you start reading Mitch Rapp? 
I discovered Vince Flynn books in the library on Camp Taqaddum, Iraq. From there I was HOOKED.

Which book is your favorite/why?
All of them? If I had to pick one it would be American Assassin. I like seeing more into Mitch's background, what makes him tick and the experiences in both his personal life and his training that made him who he is in the present-day books.

Do you have a favorite character and why?  
Besides Mitch Rapp, it would probably have to be Stan Hurley. I like his cold, all business outlook. He obviously cares for Mitch, in a unique way and that is why he is so hard on him in training.

Who do you envision when you read of Mitch?
I don't really put a face on Mitch at all. It changes, for a page or two he may look like a dark-haired Matt Damon a la Jason Bourne, for the rest of the book he may look like any random, very fit, guy.