What's Your Story: Oswaldo R.

My name is Oswaldo and I am an avid reader and book collector. I also have an online used book selling business that is doing amazingly well. I work full-time in the security business. My love for reading and collecting good thrillers has led me to amass a book collection in hardcover of only the best writers in the world. Mr. Vince Flynn was one of those writers. I have his entire Mitch Rapp series in hardcover,which I keep in pristine condition, proudly displayed on my main bookshelf in my personal library at home.

When did you start reading Vince?
I started reading Vince Flynn's novels in 2000. 

Do you have a favorite book?
My favorite Vince Flynn book is Transfer Of Power (I love all of his books).

Who is your favorite character?
Mitch Rapp is my favorite character. Why? Because he kicks butt and his style of taking care of the bad guys is like no other. 

Who do you envision when you read about Mitch Rapp? 
I envision Gerard Butler when I read the Vince Flynn novels, because I think he would be perfect for the movie role of Mitch Rapp. 

If you could be any character in the Mitch Rapp series, who would it be and why?
I would like to be Mike Nash and be a friend of Mitch Rapp. 

Is there anything else you would like to share relating to Vince and his novels?
I  truly believe that we were all very privileged and lucky to have had the opportunity to have been able to enjoy such a great series like the Mitch Rapp series and were even more luckier to have had  Vince Flynn as a writer. He truly was one of the best writers in America. He will forever be loved and missed by us, his fans.