What's Your Story: Laurel Iverson


A few years ago, at my 25th high school reunion, I ran into Erin, the gal who was my best buddy in late-elementary/early-middle-school. Having been thinking about old classmates, I asked her, "Whatever happened to your old neighbor [and our classmate] Vinnie?"  She -- knowing my sense of humor -- thought I was being facetious and replied with a smile, "Yah, whatever did happen to him?  

Vince became quite the New York Times best selling author, didn't he?"  I was a little confused at first, then questioned, "Vince?  You mean Vince Flynn?  Vinnie is THAT Vince Flynn?"  I used to bicycle by Vince Flynn's house on the way to visit my friend.        

Why did you start reading Vince?
I had noticed the books before the reunion, but took instant interest in them once I realized that Vince was one of my childhood classmates.

Do you have a favorite book?
Transfer of Power: It seemed to give a very real, human face to what it was like to be a hostage and hoping against hope that someone like Mitch was out there trying to rescue you.    

Who is your favorite character?
Probably Irene Kennedy.  Not only is she a successful woman in a man's world, but she is a true friend to Mitch, helping him keep things in perspective.        

Who do you envision when you read about Mitch Rapp? 
Probably Harrison Ford in the screen version of Jack Ryan, not because of the different character or different author, but because both characters have had it up to *here* with bureaucracy and the bull that comes with it.     

If you could be a character in a Vince Flynn novel, who would you be? 
No question -- Irene Kennedy.  She struggles with being a working mother, finds balance in what she does, and still has time for friends like Mitch Rapp.    

Is there anything else you would like to share relating to Vince and his novels?
His death is all too real since I am the same age and knew him as a child.  Nor only has his life been cut short, cut so has his talent.