What's Your Story: Alan Lee


With over 30 years of journalistic experience, I anchor the morning news for Fox in Detroit. A Purdue University grad, I also played semi-pro baseball in St. Thomas, USVI. A rabid sports fan, my journalistic career began in sports before switching over to news. My debut espionage thriller, SANDSTORM comes out June 4th. 

Why did you start reading Vince?
I caught up with Mitch Rapp in Executive Power.

Do you have a favorite book?
Consent To Kill is my favorite. A contract on Rapp's head! The nerve! Plus I
had the pleasure of hosting Vince as he conducted a book signing at Borders
Books (remember them) in Novi, Michigan.

Who is your favorite character?
The big guy himself, Mitch Rapp is my favorite. No question kicking evil butt without remorse is an admirable trait.

Who do you envision when you read about Mitch Rapp? 
Well, Vince told me who he thought would be perfect for the role so he planted that seed in my head and I'm not going to go against his vision.

If you could be a character in a Vince Flynn novel, who would you be? 
I'd be any character on his good side.

Is there anything else you would like to share relating to Vince and his novels?
On a personal level, I can't thank Vince enough for his friendship. While he was dealing with his severe medical condition, he took the time -- while recovering -- to read my manuscript. What resulted was a fantastic blurb from Vince for my debut novel SANDSTORM and a lot of encouragement to go along with it. He truly is one hell of a guy.