What's Your Story: Trev Holst


Please share some of your background:
DHS Federal Officer and former Director of Operations for DOD contractor.

When did you start reading Mitch Rapp? 
While living in Minnesota when his books made the bookstore shelves. Met Vince at a couple of book signings. I told him to keep writing and he said keep reading. Told him if he needed a name for a character...mine was available.

Which book is your favorite/why?
All of them!

Do you have a favorite character and why?  
Mitch Rapp ...he takes care of business.

If you could be any character in Vince's novels, who would it be and why?
Anyone ...as long as my character is a friend of Mitch.

Is there anything else you would like to share relating to Mitch Rapp, Vince or Kyle?  
It was an honor to meet Vince Flynn. I have purchased all the books and shared them with our troops overseas. My neighbors enjoyed his books also.