A Veteran Shares His Love Of Mitch Rapp


I was first introduced to Vince Flynn back when I was in the Air Force deployed to Qatar. It all started with a copy of Term Limits I found in the community center, and I thought, WOW I love this author and the way he tells a story. Then it got even better when I read my first Mitch Rapp novel. I believe it was Separation of Power. That was almost 20 years ago. I have read every single book since then multiple times. I also have them all loaded in my car for my commute. When I realized it was the 20th Anniversary I decided to listen to the entire saga from beginning to end in order. I am currently listening to The Last Man. Kyle, you have an amazing job picking up the mantle. You had VERY big shoes to fill, and you nailed it sir! Thank you from a very grateful fan!