Vince Inspires A Young Patriot

My name is Pierce Wilson, I am sixteen years old and I feel that I should tell you that, even at my young age, you have had an impact on my life through your books. I had always had an interest in weapons and the military, as most young boys do, but after reading your book Memorial Day I encountered a moment of clarity. I started thinking of what I, being only fifteen at the time, could do to support the war on terror. Not many options presented themselves, so instead of using direct action then, I chose to use delayed action and think of what I could do in the future to counter this threat. 

I began researching the different branches of our military and learning about their special forces units, being the ones who have the most direct action against terrorists they click well with me. As I was learning about the military I was learning about myself as well. I discovered a feeling of duty and pride of being an American that I wish more children my age would share. With that new found duty and pride I begun a change how i was in my everyday life, I started to take things like school, future planning, and training, both mentally and physically, more seriously. Where as before I would just slide by with only doing minimum effort and being a lazy uncaring smart mouthed teenager. 

Your books helped me realize things bigger than myself. They helped me find my inner sense of pride and honor for my country that I had not really had before. 

For that I would like to thank you, for writing books that instilled pride into me. I might be only a junior in High school but, as of now, I know what I want to do with my life and how to accomplish that goal. My dream is to be able to pridefully call myself a member of MARSOC, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, and to carry out my duty against terror and a United States Marine.

I do hope that you read this message sometime and that you respond. As I said before you are my favorite author, and the one who's books changed my life. I wish you and your family good health, and good writing.