Two Years Sober And Thanking Mitch And Vince For Motivation

I am an avid reader and fan of Vince Flynn; I have read every single one of his books and cannot wait to read the next one. This sounds silly, but Mitch Rapp (though just a fictional character) gives me motivation during my day and my goals back to health and recovery. I was an alcoholic for years and six months into a recovery program, I read all of Vince Flynn's book and I guess you can say felt that Mitch Rapp and I had a lot in common.  I told myself I want to be a Mitch Rapp, health wise of course. I have learned a lot of lessons from the Mitch Rapp series both recovery wise, health, focus and being alert to my surroundings. So, I just want to say that to some reading and learning about adversity, hardships and obstacles puts a lost mind back into focus and back on track. I am 28 years old, had a good job at Texas Instruments, in shape, was very healthy, but over a couple years due to a loss of a family member, I lost my focus and my momentum to be successful and almost lost everything. Now I am almost two years sober, I am healthy, in shape and I have a great paying job again, and I contribute part of this success to Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp (though again I know he is only fictional). Even if I do not win the autographed book by Vince, I would like to tell him my story and thank you, I really needed a getaway through that hard time. 
Thank you,