Killing Time With A Time To Kill Inspires A Passion For Reading

I'm an avid reader and huge Vince Flynn fan. I thought I should email the website to share the impact Mr. Flynn's books have had in my life. I was never a "reader." 

Until 2008, I had read maybe a couple books that weren't for my children or required by school. I came across the book Consent To Kill at a local store. I was waiting for my wife to finish shopping so I had a few hours to kill, pun not intended. I read the first few pages while waiting and was hooked. I subsequently purchased all of Mr. Flynn's books and also watched for any new releases, I own them all now. 

In reading his books I got addicted to reading and tried to find any similar books I could. Since then I now have a collection of over 200 books, mostly in a similar genre to the Mitch Rapp collection, such as Clancy, Ludlum, Thor, and Cussler to brush the surface. The Rapp books are still far and away my favorite and I've read each 2 or 3 times now. I'm very upset over his passing and in my opinion the reading public has lost one of the best. I want to thank Mr. Flynn for his work and getting me hooked on reading. 

Loyal fan for life,