Finding Love Through An Autographed Book

Thank you for writing amazing books!  My fiancé has been a fan for years however he only has one autographed book. 

The way in which this came about was rather interesting...I am a veteran and he is a police officer. 

In our pursuit for happiness we decided to try online dating. He had your name listed as his favorite author. I had no idea who you were (my apologies). Prior to meeting him I looked you up and found you were doing an autograph signing at a local Sams Club in Minnesota. 

Unfortunately for me it fell on a day in which I had military training so I pleaded with my mother to stand in line with my 3 month old sister to get this book signed for a man neither one of us had met! 

A mothers love is undeniable because a few days later when I went by her house there it was signed for "Josh O." 

He and I met a few weeks after that. He eventually learned the efforts of getting it signed and now two years later we are getting married! (five months away now!) 

I just thought you might enjoy knowing your book was the start of something more than I could have imagined :) 

I am exceptionally grateful for your work and the patience of my mother as I soon become "Mrs. O"