Career Army Officer And War Veteran Sends Thanks And Admiration

I am a career Army officer, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and service that has taken me across the world to 27 nations. I was first turned on to your writings while overseas and have been a voracious reader of your work ever since. I was just preparing to loan the entire series to a friend when I read your update. 
I am so sorry to hear of the challenges you have faced over the past year, but glad for your triumph. You are an inspiration to a writer like myself and I feel for you and your family. That said, I am also delighted to know that you were able to return to your passion and finish another Mitch Rapp novel. I hope you are able to get some much deserved rest and recuperation and get back into great shape. 
We are about the same age and much of what you write about involves life experiences and time lines I can personally relate to. Having grown up during the Iran Hostage situation, the Lockerbie bombing and having my first tour in Berlin has definitely set the tone for my life and career.
You, your wife and family (because, as a veteran, I know it takes a lot of toll on our spouses and kids) have my sincere appreciation. Thanks for all the work you have done and will continue to do. I am sincerely inspired by you and your work. Thanks for modeling excellence as a writer, husband, father, patriot and citizen.
Rangers Lead The Way!
Arnold S