A Signed First Edition For A Second Tour

Dear Vince,

My brother-in-law returned from a tour of duty in Iraq three years ago, and he ships out for a year in Afghanistan later this  month. 

He has told me that one of his favorite care packages during the first tour was one I sent him that included a copy of Transfer of Power.

The book made its way through camp and made some long day and nights a lot better for our guys--Thank you!. Eric has become one of your biggest fans, since reading your first book, and he collects first editions of the Mitch Rapp series. 

This second tour will be especially hard, as he is leaving a one-year-old daughter this time. I would LOVE for him to be surprised by a signed copy of your new book in October. 

It would be an awesome way to complete the circle that we began in Iraq three years ago. 

Any help you can provide would be sincerely appreciated. Many thanks for your consideration, and for the terrific books. 

- Gina

(Vince sent him a signed edition of Kill Shot)