Enemy Of The State Becomes This Fan's New Favorite Rapp Novel


Kyle Mills has, much like Mitch Rapp, managed to perform what most would say was impossible in filling Vince Flynn's shoes. The way he has allowed the characters grow and change, all the while increasing the audacity of the plots is remarkable. Enemy of the State was a phenomenal read, bringing us on an unexpected adventure, and giving us what I believe many of us have been hoping for ever since the return of Louis Gould - a team up of epic proportions. Assembling the dream team of assassins from Rapp's past was genius, and kept me on the edge of my seat as I worried about whether or not one of them would double cross Rapp. I have to say, this really could be my favorite book in the Mitch Rapp adventure.  

I say all of this, in an effort to convey how thrilled I am with Kyle Mills. I sincerely hope he gets to keep the keys to the Mitch Rapp story, as I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. - Hunter