A Returning Ambassador Provides His Review Of Enemy Of The State


For the second consecutive year, I received my galley (advance copy) of Kyle Mills latest Mitch Rapp novel in mid-June. Once again, I opted to begin reading it on June19, the anniversary of Vince Flynn's tragic death. This latest novel takes us from the U.S. to Costa Rica, Europe, South Africa, North. Africa, and the Middle East. 

There are, of course, many players from Mitch's past, including Joe Maslick, Steve Thompson, Stan Coleman, Marcus Dumond, Charlie Wicker, Mike Nash, Irene Kennedy, Grisha Azarov, Claudia Gould, Donatella Rahn, President Alexander and Joel Wilson. 

Who would be an ally? Who would be an enemy? Who may be BOTH? 

Once again, I'll use the same word to describe the literary style of both Kyle Mills and Vince Flynn: Seamless! 

In The Survivor and Order to Kill, I cannot discern what VInce would have written versus what Kyle did write! If you're a Mitch Rapp fan, you will want to see how all of these far flung geographic locations and all of these past characters, plus some new ones, fit in the puzzle in Enemy of the State.