Battling To See Who Will Read All Of Vince's Novels First


The attached photo is of Lieutenant Colonel Miles Armstrong (L) and Chief Warrant Officer Scott Morgan (R) of I Corps, United States Forces - Iraq. 

The photo was taken on the west side, third floor balcony of the Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory, Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq. The Joint Visitor's Bureau can be seen in the background. This is where VIPs and dignitaries stay when visiting the Corps Headquarters. 

Miles and I were in the middle of reading W.E.B. Griffin's Presidential Agent series. He was a book ahead of me. While I was waiting on him to finish, I needed something else to read. I stumbled on Act Of Treason by accident. I found it in one of our many book bins among the thousands of books that we have here. Being that I'm a big fan of Daniel Silva's Israeli spy novels, I read the synopsis and thought this might be a book that I'd enjoy reading. Was I ever right! 

I was hooked from the first chapter. By the second chapter I had ordered the first three in the series from Amazon. After reading Treason, I put Griffin on hold and started from the beginning with 'Term Limits'. When I finished that one, I gave it to Miles and told him that he had to read that book. 

Needless to say, he was hooked too. We've blown through the entire ten book series in about 5 months. 

We're looking very forward to reading Pursuit Of Honor. The battle will be who gets to read it first.

- Scott