Tracking Down Mitch Rapp In Cape Town


Over Christmas I was in CapeTown, South Africa with my family.  

I have read all of the Mitch Rapp books except for the most recent one.  I saw Order To Kill in a bookstore while waiting for my wife and girls at a mall and purchased it.  

It was so neat to read about Mitch in South Africa.  

The day before we had driven right by Franschhoek.  

Order To Kill was an excellent read.  

Mr. Mills did a great job!  

Looking forward to the next one.

A Skeptical Fan Reviews Order To Kill


First off, Kyle, I think you have done an amazing job filling some unbelievably large shoes.  I was very skeptical when they announced that you would be stepping in.  I am so happy to say that I had no reason to worry.  If the cover of book didn't say Kyle Mills on the cover, I would never had known there was a different author.  

Thank you!! 
Onto my questions, will there be anymore books after Order to Kill?  

Sure seemed like the door was left open. 
Thanks again,

A Veterans Day Giveaway Winner Receives Her Prize

I just received a copy of American Assassin in the mail.  

I live in a retirement community where residents will donate books in our community center.  I read the synopsis of Term Limits and knew this was my type of reading.  WOW, a real page turner! I couldn't put it down.  

I went back to the center and found 4 more Vince Flynn books.  I found each book as addicting as the one before.  

Unfortunately my granddaughter (20 months) liked Term Limits and American Assassin as toys and craft material.  

I have purchased the first 3 books for four different family members.  My youngest son and I have read every Vince Flynn book and discuss plots continually. 

Although I had the entire series; the first two were a bit torn up and I had yet to replace them.  

I forgot I had entered the Veterans contest.  

Receiving this was like an early Christmas present.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will treasure my brand new copy of American Assassin, think I'll read it again!

Semper Fi
Catherine Hankins

An Ambassador Shares Her Review Of Order To Kill

Kyle Mills is truly the extension of Vince Flynn! He has the vision, the dialogue, the humor, and keeps Mitch Rapp's legacy alive! Proud to have been an Ambassador!

I was a St. Paul, MN area resident and always was at the first book release at the Barnes and Nobel @ Har Mar with Vince Flynn...way back when he would 'hang out' and no security! 

I was really worried, too. I am also an English teacher who notices the little differences. I can assure you, you will LOVE this book!

- Hillevi

A New Fan Wishes He Could Have Met Vince


I was turned on to the writings of Mr. Vince Flynn by a colleague from the St. Paul area.  I only wish he informed me sooner so I could have had an opportunity to meet the man behind the wisdom.  This truly is one of the best series I have ever read and I look forward to finishing it.  Currently I am about 2.5 books out from the written conclusion and I am very excited that CBS and Lionsgate are turning it into a movie (series I hope).  If only I were a well known actor...  Have a great day and Thank you for the gift of Mitch Rapp and the love Vince clearly had for his family and fans.

- Mark

An Ambassador Offers High Praise For Order To Kill

I just finished the galley copy I was sent as an ambassador of Order to Kill and let me say you don't want to miss this next chapter of the Mitch Rapp series. I was on the edge of my seat literally and just couldn't put it down and neither will you. So excited to see the wonderful writing Kyle Mills has brought, Vince would have been thrilled. Thank you for your hard work, it was such a joy to read and I can't wait until the next installment. 

- Jack Abeelen

An Aspiring Ambassador Shares An Impressive Accomplishment

I am a physician who at one time considered joining the military and the Navy Seals.  I have been a Scuba instructor for 37 years along with medicine, and a volunteer at local teaching hospitals and schools.  I am a avid reader, and folks constantly ask me for suggestions.  I never hesitate to recommend the Mitch Rapp series, and always recommend American Assassin to folks as they will be hooked to read the entire series.  I rarely have folks tell me they only read one book, but usually thank me for giving them the next 14 additional books on their reading list.  I was devastated at Vince Flynn's passing, but felt that Kyle Mills has done an excellent job in keeping his legacy alive.  Even my wife (who doesn't read this genre) and my son are hooked, and can't wait for the next one to come out.    It would be an honor and a privilege to be an Ambassador for such a wonderful book.  Respectfully, David Granoff   The picture submitted is my son and I after swimming from Alcatraz.  This will be our 7th year doing the swim together.

A Mitch Rapp Fan Discovers A New Author To Love

I have read every book Vince Flynn has written, since he was recommended to me, and of course I became a Mitch Rapp fan. 

When I read of his passing, I was really saddened. 

When I heard that a Mitch Rapp book was out, but the author was Kyle Mills, I was curious. I read The Survivor and loved it !!!  

Thank you Kyle for keeping Mitch Rapp alive in such a way. I bow down to your gift ! 

Now I have an author who I will always love and remember, and a new one to look forward to. Much success, from a sincere fan, Maribel

A New Fan Learns Of Vince's Passing


Hi Kyle, 

I have been reading the Mitch Rapp series for a few months in chronological order. I finished the Jack Reacher series and a fellow work mate put me onto Vince's series. Holy Dooley what a ride so far!! 

Just finished Consent to Kill while riding the bus to work. From the moment Rapp entered Claudia and her baby's room my heart was in my throat and my eyes welled up as the scene unfolded. One of the best books I have EVER read in this genre! 

I decided to send an email to Mr Flynn (this one), however during my internet search I found out about Vince's personal health battle and sadly loss of his life. On top of my already emotional state, it was only minutes after finishing Consent To Kill, it was all a bit much. Belated sympathies to his family and the greater reading world for the loss of a remarkable and talented writer as well as I'm sure a good bloke. 

Looking forward to hunting and eliminating the evil of greedy bigots and radical extremists of our modern day world and having good triumph over evil in what sometimes seems a hopeless war. Go get em Rapp! Thanks Vince and Kyle

Kev (Australia and ex ADF)

A Skeptical Fan Provides His Review Of The Survivor

Mr. Mills.

I just finished reading The Survivor and have to admit, that even though I was skeptical at first, you did an amazing job.  

Without giving too much away to some out there that may read this before reading your book, there were some shocking and surprising moments, but overall a great continuation of our favorite "dark hero," Mitch Rapp.  

Keep up the great work, I'm sure others will also comment positively about "The Survivor".

A True Mitch Fan,

A Mitch Rapp Fan Since 2004 - Reviews The Survivor


I don’t read very many books nowadays, but Mitch Rapp has been the exception ever since the first time I cracked open Transfer of Power sometime around 2005. He’s been my absolute favorite character ever and I loved Vince’s writing.

Nothing against you, but I didn’t have high hopes for “the guy who took over for Vince”. However I can say that The Survivor grabbed me the way those first few Mitch Rapp books did. It was an excellent follow up to The Last Man. I just wanted to let you know that this Mitch Rapp fan thinks you’ve done an outstanding job keeping the series going and I am looking forward to your next Mitch Rapp book. 

- Charlie

PS - Please don't let Hollywood screw it up.

A Fan Thanks Kyle For Continuing The Mitch Rapp Saga

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for continuing Vince Flynn's novels about Mitch Rapp!  I have been reading all of his books in order and then I found out that he had passed.  I was so sorry to hear that and was upset that his story line would end so abruptly.  There is so much more evolving for Rapp and you did a wonderful job of continuing his flowing style that I had become so used to.  I am looking forward to more Mitch Rapp and Kyle Mills in the future.  

- Faith, a 61 year old female!!

A 20-Year Navy Veteran Shares His Thoughts On The Survivor

It is beyond bittersweet, as I just finished The Survivor.  I have voraciously read every book in the series. I would impatiently wait for months until the next edition was released. Like millions of others I'm sure, I was devastated at Vince's passing, but was THRILLED to learn that the family decided to release this final work. 

I'm sure you've heard it said many times already, but I'll say it anyway, I thought the book was pure Mitch Rapp cover to cover. You stepped into an impossibly difficult position and did a superb job. As a true fan and 20 year Navy patriot who loved this line of books like few others, I hope you are given the opportunity to keep Mitch alive as a testimony to Vince's brilliance. Thanks again to you, and if at all possible please extend my heartfelt condolences and deep gratitude to the Flynn family for their generosity. 

With utmost respect, 
SCPO Ed Aldrich, USN (ret)

A Vince Flynn Fan Looking Forward To The Next Mitch Rapp Saga

I've been a Mitch fan for a few years now....when Vince Flynn passed a great writer was lost, I was excited when I heard a writer had taken on the task of finishing the next book. 

Kyle did a great job of writing Survivor. I finished it in a week, I could tell a difference in writing styles but Vince would be proud to see his series continue, I looking forward to the next....

Mike M.

After Reading The Survivor An Ambassador Proclaims Mitch Rapp Is Alive!

Having been chosen an Ambassador, I couldn't wait to receive my advance copy of The Survivor. 

Circumstances beyond my control didn't allow me to start the book straight away. I can tell you now that when I was able to begin, I didn't stop. 

Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp are alive in The Survivor. Kyle Mills didhis friend proud.  

Thank you to Vince's family for allowing this book to be finished. Couldn't be more proud to have had the opportunity to receive and be part of this dedication to a great writer! 

Rest easy Vince, it is done!