John Shares High Praise For George Guidall


“After listening to the first Mitch Rapp book where George was the narrator I was not only hooked on Mitch but looked for any other books George narrated. We’ve exchanged emails a number of times and he’s given me some suggestions of books to listen to. An absolutely incredible guy. I love hearing the word “Prologue,” it just sets the mood instantly when he starts the story.” - John

Danielle Calls Red War A Must Read!


“The latest installment of the Mitch Rapp series, Red War by Kyle Mills, is a must read! I thoroughly enjoyed the direction Kyle has taken the story since Vince’s passing, and do look forward to the next book!

Kyle managed to keep the flow of the books running smoothly, and I hope the Flynn Family, and Vince’s loyal readers, will continue to support him and what must have been a most difficult task.

Go get Red War, you won’t be disappointed!” - Danielle

Patrice Say "Kyle Mills Did Not Disappoint"


“As a huge Vince Flynn fan, I am always hesitant with a different author taking his character on another journey. Kyle Mills did not disappoint with the continuation of Mitch Rapp and his protection of the US. I was invested from the first chapters and couldn't put the book down. As always, I am disappointed when I am finished and can't wait for the next one. Definitely add this to your reading list as you will not be disappointed!” - Patrice

Fans Share Their Thoughts On Red War


“Kyle Mills did a great job on this book (Red War). I totally enjoyed it and am very happy to see Vince's Mitch Rapp series continuing on. Vince Flynn, I'm sure, would be very proud... well done, Kyle!” - Larry

“I purchased it (Red War) on audio and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Only took me a day and a half. Love Mitch Rapp!!” - Deborah

An Ambassador Shares Her Red War Journey Through Tweets


This month, we're featuring a series of tweets from Ambassador Sarah; from receiving the ARC of Red War, to her initial response and her final review. 

Ugh! My ARC copy is here for #RedWar, but it’s in the front office...which is closed! I can’t get it till tomorrow!! Is it frowned upon to break into an office to grab ones mail...asking for a friend. #MitchRappAmbassador #MitchRappIsBack #MitchWouldDoIt

It. Is. HERE!!!! Ran home during lunch to pick this baby up! Let the marathon reading begin! #RedWar #MitchRappIsBack

In waiting for all hell to break loose in #RedWar, I think I just read the funniest line I have ever read in a book! See folks, #MitchRapp novels can now be categorized as humor! (Not really, but still...) freaking hilarious! #MitchRappIsBack

Oh. My. Gosh. Just finished #RedWar! What an amazing read! It had such a ripped from the headlines feel, and felt like I was watching the top headlines. Be sure you guys order your copy by 9/25! #MitchRappIsBack

A Fan Has A Beer With Vince


Going through some old pix and found this one of me and Vince at Kevin Barry's in Savannah, GA after the book festival. I took my entire book collection of his novels down and as we talked about my old days of being an Army Ranger. I asked if he would like to go to Kevin Barry's for a pint afterwards to see the Hall of Heroes and he kindly accepted. It was awesome hanging out with him all night and getting to know him, learn about his family and his career. Great man and sadly missed.

A Fan Loses His Vince Flynn Collection Due To Hurricane Harvey



My house flooded as a result of Hurricane Harvey. We have rebuilt the house, but lost several personal items, including my entire collection of Vince Flynn novels. I will replace them, but have a question. I had a signed copy of Act of Treason. Is there any chance there are signed copies available and if so, how could I obtain one?

Thank you, Elliot

The publisher sent Elliot a complete collection of Mitch Rapp books including a signed edition of Enemy Of The State.

A Skeptical Fan Admits He Was "Dead Wrong!"


Wanted to let Kyle know that I was one of those readers of Vince Flynn and the Mitch Rapp series who doubted that Kyle would be able to take over the series without a huge drop in quality and sense of real continuity. I was also one of those that was dead wrong! Kyle, you have done Vince proud with your writing of Mitch and his gang of friends and coworkers, while adding your own touch to the series and from book to book, making the series and characters your own. It was a huge job, and the fact that you have been able to pull it off is not lost on we devotee's of Vince and the great character he created.
Great job buddy!

Terry Offers Her Review Of The Movie And Provides The First Where Are You Watching Mitch Photo


I am a big fan of both Vince and Kyle and have read all the books. My son, Brian, and I patiently waited for American Assassin to come out on the big screen...AND we were not disappointed! Great movie - just like the books. Instead of a picture of me reading a book, I am submitting a picture of me next to the movie poster outside the movie theater in Wyomissing, PA.

Vince Makes A Man's Anniversary But Ruins It For His Wife


G'day from "Down Under." I had the fortunate experience back in 2001 to be searching for some reading materials for a long weekend away with my wife for our wedding anniversary. I found the first two books of the Mitch Rapp series, Transfer Of Power and The Third Option.  I don't think my wife liked Vince at all. Once I got my head stuck into the book I was gone for good! I had to be dragged off the lounge to go out for meals, I didn't want to sit in the spa and drink champagne with her (it would get the pages wet). The weekend was a dud for her; but for me, I was as happy as 10 happy things! I have read each of the Mitch Rapp books - many of them two or three times and it is always difficult waiting for the next installment. Please keep up the great work. 

Yours sincerely,

Shane Austin.

Enemy Of The State Becomes This Fan's New Favorite Rapp Novel


Kyle Mills has, much like Mitch Rapp, managed to perform what most would say was impossible in filling Vince Flynn's shoes. The way he has allowed the characters grow and change, all the while increasing the audacity of the plots is remarkable. Enemy of the State was a phenomenal read, bringing us on an unexpected adventure, and giving us what I believe many of us have been hoping for ever since the return of Louis Gould - a team up of epic proportions. Assembling the dream team of assassins from Rapp's past was genius, and kept me on the edge of my seat as I worried about whether or not one of them would double cross Rapp. I have to say, this really could be my favorite book in the Mitch Rapp adventure.  

I say all of this, in an effort to convey how thrilled I am with Kyle Mills. I sincerely hope he gets to keep the keys to the Mitch Rapp story, as I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. - Hunter